Gain unprecedented insights from highly multiplexed single-cell spatial biology.

Seminar | Uncovering Cellular Networks | Bernd Bodenmiller

Assessment of cell-to-cell interactions and the tissue ecosystem by Imaging Mass Cytometry supports the Bodenmiller lab’s goal of using precision medicine to revolutionize disease treatment.

Hear Bernd Bodenmiller, PhD, describe how this new approach provides researchers with an unprecedented view of complex cellular phenotypes and their relationships in the context of the tissue microenvironment.

In this recorded live seminar, Bodenmiller discusses:
- how Imaging Mass Cytometry™ empowers a multiplexed tissue view from molecules to morphology
- the development of histoCAT™ software and how it enables deep analysis of cell type and cellular social networks
- the use of Imaging Mass Cytometry to assess cellular heterogeneity and identify a variety of phenotypes in breast cancer samples
- an approach to profiling of tumor sphere cultures

Bodenmiller’s lab develops experimental and computational methods to unravel regulatory systems on the single-cell level that underlie cancer development. His group’s goal is to develop methods based on CyTOF® technology to quantitatively analyze trans-cellular circuits. Based on the mass cytometry data, they model and analyze how complex cell phenotypes in tumors are controlled, with the hope that this will enable targeted modulation that interferes with tumor development.

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About the Speaker:
Bernd Bodenmiller, PhD
Assistant Professor
Institute of Molecular Life Sciences
University of Zurich

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