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IMC Image Basics and Image Processing with MCD Viewer | Lindsy Rapkin, PhD

In this Imaging Mass Cytometry™ Master Class, we will discuss the concepts of image processing and IMC™ images. You will learn how to navigate the MCD™ Viewer software and use it to perform tasks such as a first-pass visualization of a dataset and how to generate color images. We will also discuss best practices when working with IMC images. This Master Class is designed to give you the opportunity to carry out the steps alongside the presentation.
Master Class objectives:
• Review the concepts of image processing and IMC images.
• Learn how to navigate the MCD Viewer software.
• Learn how to perform a first-pass visualization and analysis of a dataset.
• Learn how to generate color images and export raw data for downstream analysis.
• Review IMC image processing best practices.

→ Prerequisites:
• MCD Viewer (v1.0.560.6)
• An MCD file of an IMC experiment
• Familiarity with the tissue and markers used in your dataset

→ Speaker:
Lindsy Rapkin, PhD, Field Application Specialist, Standard BioTools™