Gain unprecedented insights from highly multiplexed single-cell spatial biology.

Visualize What You Can Do with Imaging Mass Cytometry: Uncovering Spatial Biology GrA Mini Symposium

8 December 2021

Join our IMC Mini-Symposium and get inspired by newly discovered translational insights, learn how the experience of other IMC users can be applied to your work and discover data analysis solutions that can enhance your results.

Enjoy the journey of this special Part 1 of 3 Mini-Symposium delivered LIVE during APAC hour. We are featuring researchers who are using IMC to markedly transform the investigation of the TME and decipher the complex secrets of spatial biology.

Featuring the speakers below:

The spatial landscape of lung pathology during COVID-19 progression
Andre Rendeiro, PhD

Data Analysis Session: The importance of cell segmentation in the data analysis pipeline
Hartland Jackson, PhD, Jay Hirota, PhD, Kjetil Ask, PhD

Spatial Profiling of Ovarian Cancer by IMC for Clinical Applications at Fluidigm-A*STAR Singapore Immunology Network Centre of Excellence
Akhila Balachander, PhD.

We will also introduce our SIgN-Fluidigm 2022 IO Spatial Research Award Research Award. Applicants will get a chance to win IMC Research Services conducted by the Imaging Mass Cytometry Facility at A*STAR Singapore Immunology Network.