Gain unprecedented insights from highly multiplexed single-cell spatial biology.

Deep Characterisation of Tumor and Tissue Microenvironment with Highly Multiplex IMC | Boon-eng Teh

5 August 2020

Presented by Boon-Eng Teh, PhD.

Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC) is an expansion of mass cytometry technology that enables simultaneous high multiplex interrogation of tissue sections of more than 37 different markers simultaneously in a single tissue sample. The tissue sections that is supported by IMC includes, format of formalin-fixed, parafin- embedded (FFPE) tissues, frozen tissues, or cytological preparations on standard glass slides. Images collected with IMC have subcellular 1µm resolution which allows for identification of single cell and the large sub-cellular organelles like nucleus and cytoplasm within it. Such resolution is crucial for dissecting the heterogeneity and have deep understanding of complex environment like tumor. In this webinar, I will discuss and show example of the platform is utilized in understanding IMC to understand tumor and healthy microenvironment.